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(Chig #7)



Any comments about this episode as a whole?  

I think I just did. This was my favorite episode as far as action is concerned. It definately left you wanting more Space: Above & Beyond!

One more note: Even if I never had an opportunity to work on this show - or if I never made the decision to become an actor - I still would have been a diehard fan. I truly feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

My Chig Suit

Was the Chig suit especially made for you? If so did they have to make a cast of your body?

Das Chig Kostüm wurde für diesen großen Typen in Australien gemacht, wo der Pilotfilm gedreht wurde. Jedes Kostüm war ein wenig anders als die anderen. Nach einer Weile gewöhnten wir uns an ein bestimmtes (als die Dreharbeiten begannen gab es insgesamt sieben Kostüme).

Ich, mit 1,90 m der kleinste Chig, wählte Chig-Rüstung #7. Je mehr wir die Rüstung trugen umso komfortabler wurde sie (wenn ihr es komfortabel nennen wollt). Die Fiberglasverbindungen nutzten sich ab und brachen ab, während wir einfach herumliefen (I use that term loosly). In unserer ersten Episode als Gruppe konnten wir nicht drei Schritte gehen ohne es quietschen und krachen zu hören, schließlich mussten wir in dieser Rüstung über das Schlachtfeld rennen.  (see my reference to „Pearly")

What member of the cast seemed most at ease in front of the camera?

Tucker Smallwood really got into his part and was so perfect as his character that we naturally referred to him as „sir".

What was your first experience in front of the camera like?

My veeery first experience as an actor in front of the camera was as an extra in a really „cheesy" movie called „Satisfaction" starring Justine Bateman and Julia Roberts. I played a Graduating student in one of the main characters flashbacks. I totally felt as if I were „In my element" on a movie set.

Personally? The movie sucked. But It's where I got bit by the film bug so it served it's purpose, right? :)


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