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Premiere / Pilotfilm

Hier ist das Liebesgedicht das Nathan West an Kylen Celina schrieb:

Five billion years from now, maybe to the day, the sun burns ninety percent of its hydrogen. A balance is destroyed. More energy is created than released. Quickly, in a few million years, the sun radiates all of its potential power. The star swells. Mercury, Venus, the Earth... disappear. Swallowed. The sun truly, finally, touches the sky.
Life vanishes eons ago.

Eventually, the sun shrinks, decreasing to the size of the Earth, which reappears from the Red Dwarf's grasp. With no gravity to hold it, the Earth slowly floats away.

Elsewhere, stars are born. Other star systems -- older, larger -- continue to breathe. The solar system dies of crib death. If that's what it takes, then okay. If I must wait that long, then all right. Because when I think of this, nothing is more desirable than the hope of watching that last day when the sun flickers out, with you beside me. 

We'll sit alone on a dark chunk of ice at the top of the world, and the stars above, beyond and between us will never shine brighter as we drift away into space.

(written by Glen Morgan and James Wong)

Nathans Gedicht an Kylen (deutsche Übersetzung)

Mutiny /Meuterei

Während Vansen und Wang im Geschützturm der MacArthur sitzen, zitiert Vansen einen Teil eines Gedichtes von William Butler Yeats:

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love, false or true?
But one man loved the pilgrim's soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

--W.B.Yeats, "When You Are Old"

Hostile Visit / Das trojanische Pferd

McQueen liest ein Gedicht, geschrieben von einem japanischen Kamikaze-Piloten im zweiten Weltkrieg:

"With my mission now at hand, my dear old town, my dear old people, I now abandon everything and leave to protect this country. To preserve our eternal and just
cause, I now go forth. My body will collapse like a falling cherry blossom but my soul will live and protect this land forever. Farewell. I am a glorious wild cherry
blossom. I shall return to my mother's place and bloom."

Writer Glen Morgan found the poem in a book called "Thunder Gods" by Mayumi Ichikawa. The book is still available, although difficult to find -- there's also a book-on-tape, which I haven't heard.

The Angriest Angel / Auge um Auge

Man kann McQueen hören wie er in seinem Quartier aus "The Iliad" vorliest, während er sich auf den Kampf mit Chiggy von Richthofen vorbereitet.

There are several translations available; the one used in the episode was Lattimore's. The []'s indicate sections left out, the {}'s indicate "added" verbiage:

"The Illiad of Homer"
translated by Richmond Lattimore
ISBN 0-226-46940-9
Page 442, Lines 260-273

"Then looking darkly [at him] {upon Hektor} swift-footed Achilleus answered: '[Hektor, argue me no arguments.] I cannot forgive you. As there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions, [nor wolves and lambs have spirit that can be brought to agreement but forever hold feelings of hate for each otherm] so there can be no love between your and me, [nor shall there be oaths betweens us, but] one or the other must fall before then to glut with his blood Ares the god who fights under the shields's guard. Remember every valour of yours, for now the need comes hardest upon you to be a spearmen and a bold warrior. There shall be no more escape for you[, but Pallas Athene will kill you soon by my spear]. You will pay in a lump for all those sorrows of my companions you killed in your spear's fury."

The River of Stars / Per Anhalter durchs All

Vansen schenkt Wang ein Buch zu Weihnachten. Er liest aus William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Act III, scene 2:

And when I shall die
Take him and cut him out in little stars
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

And If They Lay Us Down to Rest... / Begegnung der dritten Art
... Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best / Für immer treu

The titles of the last two episodes were taken from an old Airborne School running cadence:

C-130 rollin' down the strip,
64 troopers on a one-way trip.
Mission top secret, destination unknown,
We don't know if we're ever comin' home.

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
Jump on out and count to four.
If my main don't open wide,
I pack a reserve by my side.

If that one should fail me too,
Look out ground, I'm a comin' through!

If I die on the old drop zone,
Box me up and ship me home.
As they lay me down to rest,
Tell my mom I did my best.

Give all my jump pay to my wife,
So she'll be happy for the rest of her life.
Tell my little baby not to cry,
'Cause her daddy was a paratrooper when he died.


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