Cult Times #16, January 1997(Reference #C16)

Red Dwarf VII: Craig Charles alias Dave Lister interviewed. Star Trek: Brent Spiner on Data, plus Derek McGrath on playing a Bolian in Voyager. Babylon 5: Richard Biggs talks about Dr Stephen Franklin's self-improvement. The Simpsons: An Instant Guide. Dark Skies: series' British premier. Millennium: James Morrison interviewed about playing James Horn & being in Space: Above and Beyond. The X-Files: Jersey Devil and Shadows reviewed. Also: Tank Girl, Knights of God.

Cult Times #18, March 1997(Reference #C18)

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Up, up and away with star Dean Cain. Star Trek: Voyager A Doctor in the house: Robert Picardo interviewed. Early Edition: Read all about it. The X-Files: Space & Fallen Angel reviewed. Doctor Who: Auton slave and Zygon John Woodnutt on monstrous acting. The Burning Zone: a plague upon you! - a series preview. News: a cloud over Dark Skies. Why Aren't They Showing? - cult kids series Timeslip. Space: Above And Beyond - Instant Guide.

Cult Times Special #3, X-Files 1997(Reference #CS03)

X-Files Special. Two page poster of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder & Scully. Behind the scenes account of the series. Comprehensive review of Seasons One - Four. Character profiles - Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Krycek, Deep Throat, The Lone Gunmen, Cigarette Smoking Man, X, Skinner & Friends and Foes. Plus an A-Z guide to Paranormal TV fiction: everything from A for Andromeda to The X-Files, plus a brief look at Millenium & Space: Above and Beyond.

Cult Times #9, June 1996(Reference #C09)

The X-Files: messages from beyond the grave plus Kurtwood Smith discussing Grotesque. Babylon 5: Bill Mumy on Lennier and being Lost in Space. Space: Above and Beyond - Kristen Cloke on Captain Shane Vansen. Alien Nation: Jeff Marcus alias Albert Einstein interviewed. The New Adventures of Superman: Dean Cain as Clark Kent poster. Overviews: Quantum Leap & Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. TV premieres: First Born & Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Fantastic Journey: an Instant Guide.


Cult Times #6, March 1996(Reference #C06)

The New Adventures of Superman and Space: Above and Beyond examined. The X-Files: Conspiracy and paranoia feature. Star Trek: The Next Generation - John De Lancie alias Q interviewed. Doctor Who: Paul McGann poster, plus David Graham on The City of Death & Barry Jackson on The Armageddon Factor. Highlander: The Series - Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod poster. Moonlighting: Cybill Shepherd discusses Maddie Hayes. The Outer Limits on Sky One. Blake's 7: an Instant Guide.

Starburst #207, November 1995(Reference #207)

Deep Space 9 revamped for its fourth season, as Lt Cdr Worf transfers to the station. X-Files writers Glen Morgan and James Wong launch sci-fi war series Space: Above and Beyond. Director Ron Howard discusses real-life space movie Apollo 13. Star Trek's Majel Barrett Roddenberry describes life aboard the Enterprise, Deep Space 9, and as the wife of the show's creator. Looking ahead to Red Dwarf VII as the crew reunite for the smeg-ups video. Species director Roger Donaldson interviewed.

TV Zone #96, November 1997(Reference #T96)

Earth: Final Conflict - Majel Barrett describes how she brought her husband Gene Roddenberry's legacy to the screen. Space: Above and Beyond's Kristen Cloke on her new roles in Millennium and The X-Files. Babylon 5 director Kevin Dobson discusses his work on Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi? Plus: Voyager season three episode guide, the return of puppet classic Space Patrol, the Mork and Mindy episode Mork vs the Necrotrons.

TV Zone #88, March 1997(Reference #T88)

Deep Space 9's Andrew Robinson attempts to untangled Garak's devious personality. Space: Above and Beyond's Joel de la Fuente reports from the front line of the war against the Chigs. Doctor Who - director Matthew Robinson on marshalling the Daleks and the Cybermen. Quantum Leap, seaQuest and V regular Richard Herd interviewed. Plus: Fantasy flashback to The Outer Limits' Zanti Misfits, X-Files and Voyager guest star Brian Markinson and Henry Darrow on his role as Chakotay's father.

TV Zone #86, Bumper issue January 1997(Reference #T86)

Hercules and Sinbad - Kevin Sorbo and Zen Geissner interviewed as swash-buckling heroes from the age of adventure hit the screen. Casualty's Clive Mantle recalls his time as Robin of Sherwood's Little John. Classic TV  themes on disc and tape. Plus: Space: Above and Beyond and Babylon 5 third season episode guides, Jean-Marc L'Officier on chronicling the history of Doctor Who.

TV Zone #84, November 1996(Reference #T84)

The X-Files - new questions for a new season, complete with answers from guest star Roy Thinnes. Babylon 5's telepath Andrea Thompson on Talia Winters' sudden change of heart. Cartoon classic Jonny Quest revived for a new generation. The cast of Neverwhere reveals London Below. Space; Above and Beyond's Lanei Chapman  discusses her roles as Vanessa Damphouse and The Next Generation's Ensign Rager. Plus: Doctor Who author Russell T Davies, and Voyager villain Anthony de Longis.

TV Zone #81, August 1996(Reference #T81)

Voyager's Doctor Robert Picardo gives us a second opinion. Doctor Who - behind the scenes on the new TV movie with producer Philip Segal. Quantum Leap's Dean Stockwell reflects on life as a hologram. X-Files director Jerrold Freedman on his episodes, Ghost in the Machine and Born Again. Babylon 5's designer takes us on a guided tour of the station's sets. Space: Above and Beyond's Commodore Ross, Tucker Smallwood, interviewed. Plus, Voyager season two and X-Files season three episode guides.

TV Zone Special #29, Star Trek 1998(Reference #TS29)

Exclusive timeline to the Original Series, from the distant past to the 24th century. Voyager crewmates Jeri Ryan, Alexander Enberg and Raphael Sbarge report in, and interviews with series creator Michael Piller and Deep Space 9's Penny Johnson. Plus: The X-Files' -shifting bounty hunter Brian Thompson, Beauty and the Beast's Jay Avocone, Adrian Paul reflects on six as Highlander Duncan MacLeod, Space Above and Beyond's Morgan Weisser, The Visitor's Leon Rippy, Dark Skies episode guide, and a preview of Conan the Adventurer.

TV Zone Special #20, Outer Space 1996(Reference #TS20)

Babylon 5: Unravelling the threads which make up the five year arc. Optic Nerve's award-winning alien make-up. Michael O'Hare discusses his return as Jeffrey Sinclair. Plus: How business matters decided the fate and future of Star Trek. Deep Space 9's two Kais, Louise Fletcher and Camille Saviola, reveal their secrets. Red Dwarf's guests including the original Kochanski, CP Grogan, speak out, Bond director John Glen turns his hand to science fiction for Space Precinct, and Space Above and Beyond's Rodney Rowland.

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